Welcome stranger! I am Lind, the bard from the magical land, where dreams may come. In the long wanderings I have seen a lot of wondrous places: mysterious valleys, cloudy tops, endless greeen fields and wild steppes. Saw the different people: cheerful and sad, noble and artful, strong and weak. Saw their acts: self-denying and vicious, reckless and desperate, fair and mean. However, in all great variety of the possible worlds and events, I saw the light that gives a birth to the feelings in my heart. Each feeling is in own way unique and describes that event, which it was called by. There is only one way exists for me, which allows to bring a feeling into the material world and then back to the heart, without having the particular event in front of my eyes - and this is a music. . I have decided to devote my entire life to understanding of this great mystery. I want to share my feelings with this world, to show all people how bright this world is, if you see it through your heart. To feel means to live. Music is a language of a soul. Music is my world, world of light and inspiration, my magical land, where dreams may come.
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